Christian Hammer

Christian Hammer

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First Name * Christian
Last Name * Hammer
Username * ChristianHammer
Country * USA
City Warren
Nationality USA
Languages EnglishGerman



Availability: Freelance


Where to begin? Ah yes... The begining.

Roughly 16 billion years ago a big, and I mean enormously huge, explosion occurred. Particles, photons, gluons, muons, matter and energy were flying out in all directions, it was surreal. After a bit it started congealing into stars and nebula and galaxies and planets. On this one little planet, some chemicals mixed, and lightning struck and there was, life, kinda. And then some more time passed, and the life things got more complicated and some of it went on land, and it kept changing and adapting and eventually this creature called human was walking around throwing spears at all the other life things, burning and killing, drawing on cave walls, camping out all the time and really having a grand old time. And then one of these hominids figured out how to grow crops and domesticate animals. So now the creatures could sit at home and not have to run around killing everything just to survive. So one of these humans, had children and then those children had children so on and so on for like 30,000 years more... Eventually leading to, well, me...

So who am I? Well I think I answered that... I am a hominid evolved from protoplasmic slime made of stardust from an ancient explosion.

With my time in this universe I like to create art in all sense.


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